Heather Wright, as the daughter of Gordon and Sue Wright, has been a part of the Jesus Inn Ministries since birth.  She came to know Christ at an early age, but after some struggles in her teen years , experienced, at age 16, a recommitment of her life to Jesus.  At this time, a revelation of a relationship with Jesus became very real to her and it was the point of no turning back.  God has been faithful to her through out her life and His faithfulness continues uninterrupted to this day.


As a teenager and later, Heather had the privilege of traveling in missions with her Dad, Gordon Wright, to many different countries in Western and Eastern Europe, at times ministering in music.


After a period of a couple years in college, Heather felt that the Lord released her to pursue missions.  In 1997, she joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  There she completed her Discipleship Training School (DTS) and went on a 7 1/2 week outreach to Nepal and India. 


When this was completed, she was asked to join the YWAM staff in Colorado Springs to travel with a missions mobilization worship group, Elijah Fire, throughout the eastern and southern U.S. and Canada.  She spent three months on staff, six weeks of that on the road as a backup singer for the group, mobilizing for missions.


God then directed Heather to come home to Tulsa and soon she was guided by the Lord to finish her bachelor's degree at Oral Roberts University.  She graduated with a degree in Music Education and spent the next three years, in Tulsa, teaching music to elementary age children in two different private schools. 


After teaching for three years, the Lord spoke to her that is was time to take a break.   After about a year, she began to be directed back into ministry.  In 2007, Heather became Administrative Assistant to her Dad, Gordon Wright, at the Jesus Inn office and has been able to assist him in many different areas of his ministry.  She has also been able to travel with him in the U.S., ministering in music.  Since the time of moving back into ministry, God has once again opened the door for ministry in worship, something Heather had done frequently before she returned to college to complete her degree. 


Currently, she is leading worship once a month for her mid-week housechurch, as well as helping to co-lead a youth worship team that serves once a month in the Sunday morning service at her home church, Tulsa Christian Fellowship.  Her heart, in worship, at this point, is two-fold: 1. to enter into the presence of God and open that door to His presence for others to enter in as well.  2. To disciple others, particularly youth, in their musical gifts and in worship, that they might use their giftings for the glory of God and His worship.

Now the Lord is using the desire she has to disciple others in worship in a whole new role!  In 2011, Heather had the joy of going on an ethnomusicology/ethnodoxology missions trip with WEC Resonance to France.  Her team spent two weeks in England studying how to encourage the worship of North African immigrant Christians in France and then spent four weeks leading multi-cultural worship concerts and songwriting workshops in France.  This was a joy because of her heart for the sounds of the Middle East and North Africa that are being developed in the large immigrant communities in Europe.

Then, in 2012, Heather was invited to become the Personnel Development and Training Co-ordinator for Heart Sounds International (HSI), the ethnoarts branch of Operation Mobilization's Arts Division, OMArts International.  The vision of Heart Sounds International is "...encouraging worship from the nations...", helping to raise up culturally relevant worship among peoples around the world.  In her role with Heart Sounds, she gets the privilege of helping to mentor and guide western musicians/artists into the role that they may have in encouraging the worship of the nations, as well as having a part in seeing God raise up worship among musicians/artists cross-culturally in ways closest to their hearts and cultures.