Gordon and Sue Wright


Gordon was born on January 29, 1947 in Erie, Pennsylvania, a small community on the southern shore of Lake Erie.  He was raised in a Christian home but was introduced to drugs in the late 60's while serving in the United States Army.  This led to the development of a hippie lifestyle and existential philosophy while being stationed in Korea for two years.


Upon returning to the United States in 1969, during the great "flower child revolution", he had opportunity to pursue this direction even more fully.  Searching for the truth he experimented with Hinduism, Buddhism, Hatha Yoga, astrology and occultic studies while utilizing psychedelic drugs.  By 1971 he was totally ensconced in a pseudo-spiritual environment in the mountains of Colorado.  God saw fit to intervene.  Through the consistent prayers of a godly mother and grandmother, Gordon had a divine encounter with the Lord in a Kansas motel room in November of 1971.  So dramatic was his conversion experience, that at age 24 Gordon was spun off into a totally new life.


     He returned to his parent's home in northern Ohio, got a job as a draftsman in a local industry, and started teaching Sunday School in his parent's church.  As he searched the scriptures looking for the reality and power of God, he found himself continually coming across scriptures referring to the Holy Spirit and the power of God for healing and the casting out of demons.  As a once practicing occultist, he knew the reality of the power of the enemy, and believed with all his heart that there had to be more power in Jesus.


     This search cultimated in a fervent desire and prayer for the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  At about the same time, he was encouraged by his employer, a dynamic Christian businessman, to relocate to Tulsa, Oklahoma where a vibrant Christian college, Oral Roberts University, was getting a lot of publicity as being on the forefront of a great move of God's Spirit.


     Within two days of Gordon's arrival in Tulsa he found himself being prayed over in a small fellowship prayer meeting on campus.  What occured next was right out of the book of Acts.  An overpowering anointing of the Holy Spirit came upon him with accompanying signs of God's presence and power.  This event marked an acceleration of God's working and calling upon Gordon's life.


     Within a short period of months Gordon found himself involved with a local non-denominational church overseeing a transient ministry and doing county jail visitation.  During this time of growth and personal dealing, Gordon spent the next four months in periods of prayer and fasting seeking direction and leading from the Lord.  It was during this time that the foundational vision of what is now known as Jesus Inn Ministries was born.

Gordon Teaching at Jesus Inn


      From those meager beginnings, of a one bedroom garage apartment for transients and a simple county jail ministry, has grown a full blown Christian community consisting of 13 dwellings located in a two block residential area of Tulsa.  The community has two houses committed to training and discipleship as well as housing for staff and Christian growth ministries.  Ministry has included prison ministry, county jails, ministry teams in drama and music, evangelistic and teaching teams both nationally and internationally.


     Gordon is founder and executive director of Jesus Inn Ministries, Inc. and an elder at External link opens in new tab or windowTulsa Christian Fellowship, a New Testament church located in the city of Tulsa.  He is the father of seven children ranging in age from 34 to 17 years old.  His wife, Sue, is actively engaged in the discipling of young women as well as homeschooling the youngest of the seven children.


     In the late 1980’s as the wall came down in Berlin and the Soviet Union started to disintegrate Gordon took an exploratory trip into Russia by train via Helsinki, Finland.  Out of that trip and further ones that followed the ministry of East/West Resources International was born.


     Gordon is also founder and president of East/West Resources International, a networking organization working to develop ministry and partnerships in 2nd and 3rd world countries Sister Church Projectto facilitate the training and equipping of pastors and church leadership. 


In this capacity Gordon is also director of the Sister Church Project (SCP) which links American churches with Russian anGordon at Shelter for Life Iraqi Water Projectd Ukrainian churches for spiritual and material support.  The Sister Church Project has been in existance for over 16 years and at present supports 13 pastors, 7 in Ukraine and 6 in Russia.


In addition to his immediate responsibilities Gordon also serves on the executive committee of the international board of External link opens in new tab or windowShelter For Life, a humanitarian aid organization committed to rebuilding infrastructure in countries effected by conflict or natural disaster; Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.  He also travels on behalf of Shelter For Life as a member care pastor.

In Kenya with Global Assistance Partners


    Gordon also serves as vice president on the international board of External link opens in new tab or windowGlobal Assistance Partners (GAP).  GAP conducts Bible Institutes and continuing education for pastors and church workers in both Ukraine and Kenya, East Africa.  In Kenya GAP also ministers to the physical needs of AIDs orphans and widows. Gordon’s responsibility with GAP includes teaching in each of the Bible Institutes either annually or biannually. 


     Gordon has written numerous articles and teaching phamplets.  Phamplets and bookmark teachings include such topics and titles as: Hearing God’s Voice, The Martha/Mary Syndrome, Ye Have Need of Endurance, Korah's Rebellion, A  Faithful Man and Pray for your Leaders.  He has also completed a 16-tape discipleship  teaching series on Foundations for Christian Growth available on both audio and video cassette.


     Gordon has become known as a gifted prophetic teacher and has traveled and ministered throughout various portions of the United States and 30 countries abroad, including: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Japan and the city-state of Singapore.  He has been used of the Lord nationally as well as internationally in the founding of new works as well as exhorting and encouraging leadership and exsisting local fellowships.