Gordon and Sue Wright

Gordon is founder, executive director and president of Jesus Inn Ministries, Inc. and an elder at External link opens in new tab or windowTulsa Christian Fellowship, a New Testament church located in the city of Tulsa.  He and Sue are the parents of seven children ranging in age from 36 to 19 years old and was recently blessed with a grandson.  His wife, Sue, is actively engaged in the discipling of young women as well as working in the Jesus Inn office.


 Mike and Dawn Ferrill

Mike came to the Jesus Inn Ministries in 1980 and received continued growth and healing in the Lord in the process of his stay.  In 1984, he became the head men's counselor and served in that role for 11 years ministering to the many men who came through the ministry.  In 1995, he married Dawn who was a single mom of two girls and was living in the Jesus Inn community.  They are now the parents of 4 children and continue to serve the Jesus Inn community in many different aspects, as well as being involved in ministry in the needs of the neighborhood where the                                                           Jesus Inn is located.


Al and Laura Guarnieri
Al and Laura first became involved in the ministry of the Jesus Inn when Gordon and Sue moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1979, for a year, to help start a coffee house ministry.  During that year, both Al and Laura, separately, became involved in the coffee house ministry and then, in 1980, decided to move back to Tulsa with Gordon and Sue to continue in ministry at the Jesus Inn.  They married in Tulsa and have served faithfully, at the Jesus Inn, in many different roles over the years.